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One of United Way's primary goals is to mobilize communities in order to improve lives. Many of our businesses, schools and other employers invite a United Way representative to speak with their employees. We let employees know about pressing community needs and how they can help. A workplace campaign is an effective way for your company to get involved and improve the community where you do business. A United Way campaign is a fun way to build teamwork and improve morale. Study after study have shown that people want to help make their community better.

2016 Campaign Film

Click here to view our 2016 Campaign Film, "I Believe," on YouTube. Thank you to videographer Erik Johnson of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Success Story: Nexen Employees Have a History with United Way


Nexen has been a philanthropic community partner for years, beginning with the founders’ involvement with Community Chest in the 1950’s. Later when United Way came into existence they partnered with the organization through Nexen’s corporate office, where employees and company owners worked together to plan and execute successful United Way campaigns.

In 1994 Nexen conducted its first United Way campaign at the Webster, WI location, where the campaign committee was enthusiastic about helping Nexen become even more involved with United Way and its mission. In its first campaign, the Webster location participated in many of the campaign activities launched at Nexen’s corporate location, including hosting a kick-off lunch and speakers from local organizations as well as holding raffles and giving away door prizes. The first Webster campaign was an overall success, raising significant funds for United Way and boosting employee morale.

Each year Nexen’s Webster campaign has grown and has been more successful than the previous. The planning committees have become more creative in customizing campaign activities and local organizations are able to tell their stories and express their needs to Nexen employees. At the campaign wrap-up events, appreciation is shown to employees for their ongoing generosity toward United Way.

Over the past 16 years, Nexen’s Webster location has raised more than $550,000 for organizations in Washburn and Burnett counties through its United Way campaigns. The funds raised have enabled programs for the elderly to take on additional clients, fire departments to buy needed equipment and youth programs to flourish. The company’s most recent employee campaign raised more than $26,000 in pledges and raffle sales. An additional corporate contribution of $24,000 brought the grand total to more than $50,000.

As the single company actively involved in a United Way campaign in Washburn and Burnett counties, Nexen would like to encourage other companies to participate in their own campaigns and help make a difference right where their employees live and work. “We are just one company, and look at how we’ve been able to help,” said Nexen’s Dan Conroy. “Imagine what would be possible if ten employers in each county actively participated in United Way!”

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